Ahwahnee Long Lariat - Bronze

Measuring 50” long, this double-sized lariat is a showstopper.  Worn a multitude of ways, the leather mixed with pearls provides a wonderful contrast in this striking piece of jewelry.  (see video)
Brown & White Pearls mixed in with Mother of Pearl and White Mother of Pearl Drops, set in sterling silver.

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Along the Yosemite Valley Floor lies the historic Ahwanhee hotel.  Named from a word of the native Miwok people, the grounds and are both dreamy and serene.  Rich with history, dating to the 1920’s, the Ahwanhee has provided home to many travelers trekking through the majesty and splendor of Yosemite National Park.   The Ahwanhee itself is a marriage of luxury and rustication, just as the line it inspires.  This collection has a strong connection to the earth with its deep rich tones, but also maintains an ethereal quality that seems to also pervade any trip into Yosemite Valley.

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