Triangle Earrings - White Pearl

Its been too long since we had a great basic as a Friday Feature. These are some of my most classic & elegant earrings …and a favorite of many long-time fans. Pearls are never out of style, and never seem to tire no matter how many times we circle them back around. I think its safe to say they will always have a place in our fashion rotation! These staples certainly go in phases for me …though I’m IN a White Pearl Triangle Phase right now …so why not share that fashion story (and Friday Deal) with all my peeps! 

White Freshwater Pearls, set in 14k gold vermeil earrings, dropping approximately 1-1/2” from 14k gold earwires. 


also available in

Brown (2)
Pink (2)

Brown Pearl
Champagne Pearl
Green Pearl
Mother Of Pearl
Pink Pearl

inspired by

Where the moorish influence of North Africa meets the grand cathedrals of Europe there lies a magical city named Seville.  From flamenco dancing to traditional bullfighting, there is a colorful feast for the eyes at every turn.  In my exploration of this fantastic city, I noticed two main colors jump out in the array of rich vibrancy...  red & turquoise.  Two of my favorites, and an unlikely pair, I always find these two complimenting each other in a wonderful dance... perfect for the rich history of sensual Seville.  Rainbow moonstone, gold accents, Champagne & White pearls provide a neutral palette making the red quartz and turquoise pop as the signature colors.

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