Garnet & Brown Pearl Nini Necklace

I promised I would do a seasonal Nini Necklace as a Friday Feature, so I’m happy to offer this lovely fall color combo. Beautiful neutral brown, with a simple garnet teardrop gemstone, this little layering necklace is perfect on its own or stacked in with other favorites in your wardrobe. Garnets are a gemstone of many healing properties, with the most significant being a stone of balance and detoxification …both physically & emotionally. Its restorative nature will help re-energize and re-vitalize a fatigued state …perfect for this busy   season. They are also wonderful for this time of year and slightly festive dressed up or down. Enjoy!! Hand-knotted Brown Pearl chain with a Garnet accent gemstone measuring 16” with 2 extra inches in the sterling silver adjustable clasp.