Moonstone Drop Earrings
$48.00 NEW!

Happy Friday !! I have been a long-time fan of Moonstone …pretty much any variety, but I’m fairly partial to the white. I find it not only beautiful, but also highly energetic. Moonstone, historically known as a Gemstone for Travelers as it offers protection, is also a very nurturing stone with a strong feminine energy. According to healers, it has been used not only for an outward journey, but also inward journeys …helping focus thoughts and organize ideas. I especially love that for this time of year. I always love a pop of white in the winter as it often brightens up the grayer days as we move in anticipation for those longer hours of daylight! These wonderful little basics are a great addition, and can pair with anything anywhere on any occasion. Enjoy!! 

Faceted Moonstone gemstones with a small accent white pearl set in 14k Gold Vermeil. 

  *All of the sales from now until January 18th's FF will go towards our trip to India to help build a widow's house in Chennai. Thank you for contributing! 


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