Diamond Bird Necklace

Hey Friends, Happy Friday!!! I’m so incredibly excited about this Friday Feature …mainly because it is so rich in its symbolism and significance. Diamonds aren’t just sparkly beauties …although they certainly are that. Diamonds, the hardest of all substances, signify perseverance, endurance, fortitude. They carry an energy of strength, and inner vision …and because they correspond with the Crown Chakra, they stimulate our connection with our spiritual nature, a source of wisdom, and the Divine. I love this particular little charm because it is a small, tiny bird …also a powerful symbol connecting us with the Heavens. Cultures & Faiths all over the world associate birds with Freedom, the Heavens, and a strong connection to all that is Divine in the Universe. This is a wonderful, thoughtful gift, as well as a highly symbolic piece to have, especially for those days when we might just need that extra push to remind us the Heavens are with us. Enjoy! 

Pavé Diamond Bird charm on gold vermeil chain measuring 16” with 2” adjustable clasp. 

*Due to the demand of Friday Features, their heavily discounted offering, and that they are a handcrafted item, please be patient on our delivery times. If you need your order for a trip or a gift, please let us know as soon as possible …and we may be able to put a rush on it. 



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