Cabana Leaf Bracelet

Hey Friends, Happy Friday!!! Its May!! What!? Summer is just around the corner …which means excursions, vacations, outdoor events, parties. This so so so very cute bracelet is fab for spring & summer!! Known affectionately as the Cabana Leaf, this leaf is from the Monstera Deliciosa Plant …Monstera from the Latin meaning “abnormal” and Deliciosa translated “delightful” in the Romance languages …and oh yes, Abnormally Delightful would be right for this amazing plant. In fact, in Thailand, their leaves are the size of people! If only I could smuggle one of those back home! Meanwhile, I’ll settle for this rendition immortalized forever in bronze with leather & pearl detailing. A beautiful statement on its own, but lovely as a layer, this bracelet is sure to be a on-trend summer go-to!! Enjoy! 

Bronze Cabana Leaf measuring approximately 1-1/4” x 1” with a small soft pale indigo pearl detail all set in 14k gold vermeil with leather detailing. 

*Due to the demand of Friday Features, their heavily discounted offering, and that they are a handcrafted item, please be patient on our delivery times. If you need your order for a trip or a gift, please let us know as soon as possible …and we may be able to put a rush on it.