Nini Summer / Fall Bronze Citrine Necklace
$28.00 FEATURED  $38.00

Hey Friends, Happy Friday! Everyone’s favorite …the Nini Necklace …a perfect Mid-August transitional Friday Feature! These wonderful little staples are a long-time, ever-popular basic in the years I’ve been crafting jewelry and accessories. Amazing little basics, perfect layers, simple & classic, the are always current, and never out of style. This style of necklace could have been worn in the 70’s just as easily as it is worn now, thanks to its very Hippie Couture kind of feel. I chose a gorgeous Citrine drop for this Nini edition not only because the warmth of Citrine is a wonderful transition color from summer into fall, but also because Citrine itself is a gemstone with spectacular properties. Traditionally called “The Light Maker” by gemstone enthusiasts and healers, Citrine has been used throughout centuries for its abundant properties & high frequency energy. It is associated with joy & abundance and resonates with the natural quartz compounds found in our own bodies. One of two gemstones that can’t hold negative energy (the other being Kyanite), Citrine is often considered to be a little battery …both to the carrier and other gemstones around it. It is very special & prized in the crystal and gem menagerie. Enjoy!

Beautiful, Citrine teardrop gemstone knotted in with white pearls on a 16” strand with adjustable sterling silver clasp allowing for additional 2” in length. Regularly $38 Featured at $28 

*Due to the demand of Friday Features, their heavily discounted offering, and that they are a handcrafted item, please be patient on our delivery times. If you need your order for a trip or a gift, please let us know as soon as possible …and we may be able to put a rush on it.