Pink Luster Glass & Moonstone Bracelet
$32.00 FEATURED  $58.00

Hey Friends, Happy Friday! The end of a very busy week, I’m just loving sitting down and having fun at the gemstone table. I had these beautiful glass luster beads and had been wanting to do bracelets with them along with a little gemstone accent. I chose White Moonstone …not only because it just complements the soft pink of the glass beads so beautifully, but its also a great gemstone for this time of year. Moonstone was often used in the past as a “travelers” stone among the ancients as it aided in sleep and transition as well as a shift in time & place. As we begin the move into August and September, we are wrapping up summer, kids are transitioning into school and our schedules are tightening up. I always love the reminder to take care of ourselves when we make seasonal shifts …as sometimes a new schedule can often creep up on us and wear us out! Moonstone is one of those beautiful gems that reminds us to be nurturing in times of stress! Its when we need it the most! Enjoy. 

Pink Glass Luster Beads with a removable White Moonstone main accent stone and a small green tourmaline & white pearl, all set in 14k gold vermeil. Regularly $58 Featured at $32 

*Due to the demand of Friday Features, their heavily discounted offering, and that they are a handcrafted item, please be patient on our delivery times. If you need your order for a trip or a gift, please let us know as soon as possible …and we may be able to put a rush on it.