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Throughout history, art has inspired art.  From Picasso's influences of Cubist sculpture to Mattise's attraction to collage, art has transcended ideas and shared itself for many centuries.  I find myself drawn to the "church of art" in order to uncover what creativity might lie in myself.  As such, I am continually influenced by various mediums of art.  Recently, I've had the privilege of attending some of the most inspiring exhibits I've ever encountered. From Isabelle De Borchgrave's "Pulp Fashion," at the Legion of Honor in San Francisco, to Alexander McQueen's "Savage Beauty" at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, I have witnessed creativity with no boundaries or limitations.  While I have yet to have the privilege of limitless artistic endeavors, I am nonetheless enthralled and inspired by the exquisite beauty of such creative masters.

My "Spotlight on Creativity" section is a tribute to how creativity can inspire the artist in all of us.  This is an evolving collection with new additions periodically.

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